Alchemy Events Company Mission, Vision, & Values

Wondering why we do what we do as event planners? Here’s a peek into what we prioritize as our mission, vision and company values:

Our Mission: Our mission is to bring joy and wonder to our clients and community. Through thoughtful details and careful crafting, we make memories and magic.

Our Vision: In a world where people are becoming more distracted, disconnected, and isolated than ever before, our job as event planners offers us the rare opportunity to physically gather groups, shaping unique spaces and experiences that lead to authentic connection, meaningful conversation, and magnificent memories.

With each event, we strive to build a special story so that when guests walk in the door they leave their everyday lives behind and are transported to a time and place where only the present matters. We want to live in a world where the laughter lingers a little longer and the seconds sweetly slow down making moments feel like magic. That’s the world we’re trying to create -- one event at a time.

Our Values:

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Richelle Ouellette