Our clients are our best friends and we’re excited to add to the client list in 2019! As we continue to produce successful events for creative, innovative businesses we are looking to connect with the people who will benefit most from our assistance. Do you know anyone like one of these characters below?


Meet Sarah.

She moved to Austin from Illinois 2.5 years ago with a master’s degree in comparative literature. Turns out there’s not much of a market for comparing archaic texts so she ended up as an Executive Assistant for a hip startup downtown. It’s not her dream job, but she’s friendly and super organized and those student loans aren’t going to pay themselves. Problem is, Sarah is overwhelmed. With the CEO’s packed schedule (not to mention frequent travel) and the recent round of funding her company just confirmed, she is in over her head! One of her supervisors just handed her the challenge of putting together their very first customer event and she has no idea where to begin, or when! And that’s not to mention the swiftly approaching holiday party she hasn’t been able to find a venue for. Sarah needs the help of Alchemy Events and we have a strong hunch we can convince her boss to agree. Will you connect us with Sarah?

Or maybe you know Susan.


Susan always has great ideas. Her out of the box thinking and collaborative attitude skyrocketed her to Director of Marketing for one of the most successful companies in town. She loves what she does and though she sometimes feels a bit senior among her colleagues, they respect her greatly and definitely keep her feeling fresh and young. Susan and her team have come up with an insanely original idea for their new product launch, but no one seems to be able to find the bandwidth to produce it, and the really need to knock this one out of the park. If only Susan knew about Alchemy Events! We love innovative projects and excel at making things happen that have never existed before. Will you kindly put us in touch with a Susan?

Don’t forget about Sam…


Sam graduated in 2015 (2015?!) from Baylor and made his way to Austin to start a business with his buddies. The app took off and now he’s living a luxurious life in a downtown loft, driving a Tesla, dating way more attractive women than he had access to in college. It’s not all play for him though. He’s a hard worker and it pays off. His 80-person company just had a $100 million year and he wants to celebrate. This can’t be just any party, this has to be a night to remember, an all out themed affair with A-list entertainment and mega swag. Sam wants his devoted employees to love his company as much as he does so he’s bringing a treat-yo-self mentality to this fiesta. He has a few ideas in mind, but knows his event planning experience is limited to flavorless dorm parties back at Baylor so he’s ready to call in the pros. Will you let Sam know Alchemy Events is about to make his wildest dreams come true?!


If you know Sarah, Susan, Sam, or someone like them we’d love you to introduce us so we can chat! Don’t worry, we’re not pushy, just great at what we do and quite fun to work with. Let’s just see if we can make some magic for your friends.

And to thank you for facilitating the connection, we’re going to shoot you a check worth 5% of the total of any contracts we sign with new clients as a result of your intro. Just make sure they mention your name if your friends are the ones to reach out. How’s that for a win-win-win situation?

Want more information, or ready to make an introduction now? Drop us a line here.

Richelle Ouellette