Corporate event signage doesn’t have to be boring. In fact, it can be a really fun way to accent your event’s theme and create standout decor pieces rather than fade-away-get-lost-in-the-background-same-ol’-same-ol’-vinyl banners. If you’re sick of foamcore on easels, 8.5x11 printouts, and retractable banners that you throw away at the end of the show, here are twelve creative signage ideas for your next corporate event.

chalkboard event sign

1 | Chalk board - Sure, you see them at weddings a lot, but chalkboard lettering signs don’t have to be limited to just matrimonial use. Chalkboard art can be a fun and creative way to showcase your brand and engage with your audience in-person, by letting them contribute their thoughts and ideas.

butcher paper menu
butcher paper tablecloth

2 | Butcher paper roll - Great for all events, but a natural fit for food event signage, write out your dinner menu or program on a roll of kraft butcher paper. Hang it up or lay it directly on the table and invite guests to contribute to the decor.

do what you love neon wework

3 | Neon - Who doesn’t love neon? I’ve found that brands who spend money on corporate or non-profit events are always thrilled to see their name in lights, so why not give it to them literally?

2019 instagram backdrop
kiss me before you go

4 | DIY Neon Sign - Don’t have a budget for a custom neon sign? You can fake it (pretty dang affordably) by purchasing LED rope lighting or letters and hanging them up yourself.

large letterboard sign

5 | Letter board - You’ve seen them all over Instagram recently, so might as well jump on the trend bus. Letter boards come in many sizes and whether large (think: welcome signage) or small (bar menu) they’re a great addition to any event space.

marquee sign sekrit theatre

6 | Marquee - Recreate the magic of an old time marquee with a vintage sign (try ebay). If you’re outrageously lucky and your venue happens to have one you can use, take the time to come up with a clever tagline to announce your event. (Tip: Check out Austin restaurant El Arroyo for some pretty quippy sign puns to get your creative juices flowing.)

coffee shop menu
tile letter wall

7 | Shelving + letters - Coffee shops and bakeries are champions at getting this right, so let’s take some inspo from there. You can use any variation or size of letters and shelving to achieve the look you’re going for.

acrylic bar menu

8 | Acrylic - I’ve mostly seen this for weddings, but I’m waiting for the corporate client who has a budget for a super modern even sign made out of acrylic. Work with a hand letterer or a vendor that can laser engrave acrylic for custom sign text.

vinyl floor signage

9 | Vinyl - I know what you’re thinking - you said no vinyl?! But I’m not talking about a 3x5 banner with grommets poorly strung up to a tent. Adding custom vinyl clings directly to a wall, floor, or even ceiling can add really interesting and instagrammable details to your event. (Important note: Be sure to confirm policies with your venue before attaching anything to a surface for all types of signs, but especially this one!)

digital event signage

10 | Digital - Who says you have to print event signage at all? Digital images can be an easy and affordable signage solution, especially if you already have projectors or tv screens. As a bonus, they can easily be edited if details change, such as a bump in the conference lunch time.

airstar branded
airstar first aid sign

11 | Airstar Lights - This is another type of event sign we’re aching to put to use. These lights stand out, provide a perfect glow for evening events, and can be branded with your sponsor signage for absolute impact at your events.

Shoutout to our friend  Pen + Prue Productions  for this killer installation idea.

Shoutout to our friend Pen + Prue Productions for this killer installation idea.

12 | Retail - Ballin’ without an event budget? Go wild, and recreate your venue’s signage entirely. It is sure be a pricey affair, but the impact a custom retail-style event sign will make on guests as their arriving is priceless.

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Richelle Ouellette