Richelle Ouellette

Fueled mainly by almond milk lattes, Richelle produces extraordinary events and piquant puns.

From a young age, it was clear she was destined for a life organizing events when she singlehandedly planned her upcoming fifth birthday party, right down to the hand-sewn favor bags. Since then, she has founded a weekly farmers market, coordinated logistics for large concerts, orchestrated multi-day symposia and conferences, arranged international group tours, and even prepared a reception for a former First Lady.

Richelle spends most of her time within the “safe-zone” radius of Austin where breakfast tacos are an abundant commodity, but also has an affinity for adventure and travel. She enjoys frequent trips to foreign cities and national parks, picking up bits of culture, personality, and inspiration as souvenirs along the way.


Celeste King

Though she was born and raised in Colorado, a few too many snowboarding accidents and her big city dreams drove her to the warm, welcoming embrace of Austin, TX. Ten years later, you can find her cursing traffic as she drives 10 miles out of her way for the city’s ACTUAL best breakfast tacos like a true local.

When she is not coercing strangers into small talk from the middle seat of an airplane, Celeste can be found training MMA and continuing her search for some kind of food she doesn't like (there's none so far). 

Celeste proudly holds the titles of late night tear down dance party DJ and lunch order extraordinaire for Team Alchemy. With both social work and wedding planning in her background, there is rarely a crisis she can't handle with a whole lot of hustle and a touch of comedic sass.